Jilly's Terrible Temper Tantrums and How She Outgrew Them


Genre: Picture Books
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When Jilly, a happy little kangaroo, has a series of Terrible Temper Tantrums, her parents lovingly help her through them. Children will be very familiar with the frustrations that trigger Jilly's upset feelings, and will applaud her dawning understanding that seeking help and a hug is far superior to the misery of a temper tantrum. The book has won numerous awards, including a first place Purple Dragonfly award for Picture Books and Growing Pains, a silver Nautilus Award for best Children's picture book, and a Gold Mom's Choice award.

Martha Heineman Pieper, Ph.D. is a psychotherapist who works with children and parents, and serves as a consultant to agencies and mental health professionals. She co-authored with William J. Pieper, M.D. the bestselling parenting book, Smart Love.