Joshua and the Shadow of Death


Genre: Genre: Mystery Thriller
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His best friend commits suicide, another family member dies, and he has yet to find a cure for the son's unknown illness. Psychiatrist Joshua Zeev struggles with a challenge of his lifetime. Can he overcome his inner demons and the enemies he has yet to find?

Gary McPherson was born in Sacramento, California, and spent most of his childhood in Westminster, Ca. For most of his adult life Gary has lived in North Carolina. He and his wife have lived in Charlotte, NC for the past twenty six years. Together they have traveled much of the U.S. and have been enjoyed visiting parts of the globe. It is Gary's love of travel and meeting new people and cultures that has led him to change his career from Computer Engineer to Author. He enjoys taking memories and moments to create characters that transition and grow as they work their way through a fictional world born from actual experiences. Gary's favorite writing genre is mystery/thrillers. 


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