Lovers in the Fog


Genre: Genre: suspense Thriller
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Set in the late 80s, Hamlet Sarkissian's Lovers in the Fog is told by the candid voice of human rights attorney Luke Forsyth who embarks on a solo drive up the east coast of the United States to rendezvous with the love of his life, a mystery woman who went missing a decade before. As Luke's obsessive journey unfolds, the foggy road provides Luke with an empty canvas upon which he paints his memories, desires and deepest fears. His old love affair, his young family, his efforts to extricate dissidents from Gorbachev's Russia, his run-ins with the KGB are vividly recounted and parsed in order to filter truth from reality. A life-changing revelation awaits Luke at the end of his trip.
Author & filmmaker Hamlet Sarkissian was born in the USSR o the family of prominent Soviet novelist-dissident Vache Sarkissian. After 18 years in KGB prisons and Gulag camps his father committed suicide in 1987. Hamlet studied Directing at the Leningrad Institute of Theatre, Music and Cinematography (1986-89).

In 1989 the International Institute of Human Rights sponsored 25-year-old Hamlet and his family to immigrate to the Unites States for permanent residency. Hamlet continued his education, first at Columbia College Hollywood where his thesis film Concrete Dream was selected as part of the permanent collection of the Guggenheim Museum. He was awarded the foundation's "Best Newcomer" award. Hamlet is an AFI graduate where he studied under Leslie Stevens (creator of Outer Limits). While in AFI, he directed Sam Shepard's rock'n'roll play Cowboy Mouth starring David Boreanaz.

Hamlet wrote and directed his first feature film: Camera Obscura in year 2000, which was featured in more than 20 film festivals worldwide. It won best feature and best director awards at AFFMA. In addition, the film landed a prestigious spot on Cahier du Cinemas 10 best film noirs. Lovers in the Fog is Hamlet's first novel. Hamlet lives in Los Angeles, he's married to French writer Donatella Gomelsky-Guichard, with whom he has three children.


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