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Still in the twilight of her beauty, but drained of love for her alcoholic husband, Stella Ryan falls into a trap of deliverance set by a coarse but young and handsome opportunist while her two boys, Lou and Joe, missing the father they adore, befriend a combat vet who, secretly tormented by his role in the war against the Japanese in the South Pacific, enters their lives on a mission to protect them from the predator he suspects is out to trade their mother’s life for her money. 

"Patrick Leahy's Photographs and Souvenirs is among the finest achievements I've read in recent years, a gripping and beautifully nuanced story of a family in deepest turmoil. The prose is quiet and then, in moments, breathlessly raw; the story, delivered in vivid, tensile prose, is utterly compelling and exposes with an almost surgical precision the deepest and most complex aspects of human interaction. Patrick Leahy is a remarkably gifted writer and this novel deserves a wide, enthusiastic audience."
—Billy O'Callaghan, Irish Book Award winner, 2013; book critic/reviewer, Irish Examiner; author of the Irish Book Award-winning The Things We Lose, the Things We Leave Behind

A veteran of the U.S. Air Force and the National Weather Service, Patrick Leahy now lives in Bend, Oregon.

In 2014 Kirkus Reviews called his novel, The Old Night of Your Name, “an intriguing mystery debut,” and “a great read, full of local color, from an author to watch.”


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