Ten Directions


Genre: Sci-Fi
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The last message of a dying alien world.

A new technology offering unlimited possibilities with catastrophic consequences.

A 22nd Century collision between an ecological revolution and the fading remnants of corporate power.

Exiled CEO, Scientist, Warrior, Monk, and Corporate Clone: thrown together on an odyssey circling the Ten Directions of the solar system and of the human spirit.

Can they find redemption for mistakes made lifetimes ago in a galaxy far away?

Samuel Winburn has spent a very long period of time writing Ten Directions, his debut novel.

He was born and raised in Alaska before relocating to Western Australia two decades ago. He, therefore, has had the privilege of inhabiting both Ends of the Earth. He has been active in the development of the profession of Environmental Accounting through his work building a successful environmental accountancy, teaching at local university, and co-founding the Australian national professional organization in that field. He is especially grateful to have been an instigator for a United Nations award winning non-profit to empower local school kids to become climate leaders. 

Samuel has been attempting to practice Buddhism since he was a teenager, having the exceptional good fortune to study under wonderful Himalayan meditation Masters. 

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