Splendor of Dawn (Part One of the Jewel of Life)


Author: Ryan Gebhart
Genre: Fantasy
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What was once reality now fills the minds of Eklean’s children as no more than fables. Despite his pointy ears, not even Devlyn believes that he is an elf; they have all passed from living memory into stories. At least, that’s what he’s been told his entire life, growing up as a ward of the abbey school of Cor’lera. One day, a silver-eyed woman with pointy ears tells him something very different and invites him beyond the village limits to discover the truth about his allegedly criminal family. Swept into a world of magic that includes dragons and a phoenix, Devlyn’s eyes open to a world he believed was a myth when shadows of the past reveal themselves once again.

Ryan Gebhart first started writing the Jewel of Life series in 2012 in Philadelphia, PA. This unexpected passion evolved over the years and has remained a constant companion through his career changes, from a Capuchin Friar, to a Claims Processor, and finally in his current endeavor as an Architectural Graduate Student in Washington, DC. Ryan Gebhart is originally from Wilmington, DE.


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