To Hell with Johnny Manic


Genre: Genre: Genre: Crime Suspense Thriller
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John Manis, aka Johnny Manic‚ is charming, stylish, impulsive, and reckless. He's also racked with guilt over the secret he doesn't dare tell.

Marilyn Dupree, passionate and volatile, has too much money and the wrong husband.

Johnny and Marilyn have a chemistry like nitrogen and glycerine, and that makes Detective Lou Eisenfall very uneasy.

A twisting tale of deception, murder, and psychological suspense that barrels along at breakneck pace, Johnny Manic is a throwback to the classic crime fiction of Raymond Chandler, Jim Thompson, Dorothy Hughes, and Patricia Highsmith.

Andrew Diamond writes mystery, crime, and noir. His books feature cinematic prose, strong characterization, twisting plots, and dark humor. Amazon editors named Impala a best of the month mystery, and IndieReader named it to their best of 2016 list. Impala also won the Readers' Favorite Gold Medal for mystery and the 24th Annual Writer's Digest award for genre fiction. Gate 76 won the eLit Book Award Silver Medal for mystery, thriller, and suspense. called it one of the year's best thrillers, and the book was named to Kirkus Reviews' Best Books of 2018.


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