Troubled Waters


Author: Joe Peters
Genre: Genre: Crime Thriller
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Troubled Waters continues the story of veteran transit cop, Morris Fitzgerald, who is endeavoring to return to full-time duty with Boston’s Mass Bay Transit Authority. While working through his own mental and physical struggles, he goes about trying to locate his homeless cousin and stumbles into a conspiracy to rid the city of its most vulnerable residents through an orchestrated disaster. Like its 2016 precursor, Code Black,  Troubled Waters provides fantastic insight into the transit system and politics of one of the country’s oldest and most-congested cities. A page-turning thriller that blends history and suspense, Troubled Waters is a distinctly Boston novel that is as engaging as it is insightful.

Bill Fleming is a retired lieutenant commander with the MBTA police, where he also served as acting chief and deputy chief of the investigative services division. He is a recognized expert in the areas of public transportation and law enforcement. He holds BS in Political Science from Boston State College, an MS in Criminal Justice from Anna Maria College, and a certificate from the New England Institute of Law Enforcement Management’s Command Training Program.

Joe Peters is a former journalist and current information security expert. He is also co-author of Taking Fire: Saving Captain Aikman, the true account of the daring rescue of an F-4 pilot shot down over Vietnam in 1972. He holds a BA from Boston College and is a Certified Information Systems Security Professional.

This is the second novel for Fleming and Peters, who also collaborated on Code Black.