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Knowing who to connect with on social media is crucial to successful book marketing, especially for emerging authors trying to build their audience. Having the right tool to display your book and its marketing pieces is equally as important.

DartFrog’s social media research package comes with four key deliverables.

  • -A custom social media audience target list
  • -A custom recommended list of keyword hashtags
  • -Detailed instructions for how to use the provided data
  • -A Book2Look digital presentation widget.  

Custom Social Media Research

$ 1200
  • A full report and Book2Look widget is included with delivery

Book2Look is the industry’s most innovative and comprehensive widget. It unites point of discovery with point of sale and real-time performance measurement. Check their book wall to see thousands of examples of the Book2Look widget in action. There’s no better tool to use in presenting your book on social media.

“I was introduced to Book2Look through Dartfrog Books and am so grateful for the introduction. As an independent author, Book2Look has been an absolute game changer for me. I’ve had over 25,000 people access my book through their program and after embedding Book2Look throughout my website, I saw a huge jump in traffic. If you’ve written a book, you want people to read it, and Book2Look is an amazing way to get it to more readers. Thank you Book2Look—I love you guys!”