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Tammy Buzzetti
Tammy BuzzettiAunt Tam's Family Recipes and Stories Worth Telling
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I had the best experience with publishing my cookbook with DartFrog. From cover design all the way through the editing process they were great! They always got right back to me with all my questions and I had a lot because I had never published a book before. They had talented artists draw illustrations for my book and had great ideas a suggestions. The distribution of my book and availability that they put into place has been amazing. I owe my success to the great people at DartFrog! Sincerely grateful.
Rosalia Stllitano
Rosalia StllitanoMages Rising
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I thoroughly enjoyed working with Dartfrog. Somebody was always available to answer my questions and address my concerns within a day or two. More than that, the staff at Dartfrog supported me and the creation of my book every step of the way. I am grateful to have found them. They truly helped my dream become a reality.
Mayura Shekatakr
Mayura ShekatakrThe Mindset A 31 Day Metamorphosis
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As a first-time self-publish book author of THE MINDSET, I really enjoyed working with the DartFrog. During the 2020 Pandemic when I decided to release my book, DartFrog helped me a lot to make the release happen just in 60 days. Gordon explained the complete process in the first call, and I must say he is very experienced and professional too. They have highly knowledgeable expert people on their team to support your needs. First, and most important, is that their prices are very competitive and reasonable. I am amazed by their price! Secondly, they have not only done the best job on the book formatting, but also an excellent video trailer and customized author website. Additionally, my project manager was very attentive to answering all of my questions on time. I would recommend DartFrog to all first-time authors for the best experience.
Kim Dallara
Kim DallaraPut Your Sh*t Away
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When it came to self-publishing, I did A LOT of research. I looked up ratings, I read reviews, I made calls, and I sent emails. A LOT of emails. And Dart Frog had a stellar reputation. A team was assigned, and they flawlessly moved me from one step of the process to the next. I had decisions to make and tasks to complete, but they did everything they possibly could for me. What I'm unsure about is whether or not everyone receives the same kind-but-blunt honest opinions about where they are, where they're going, and how best to get there. I'm assuming everyone does. But that sort of honesty and frankness won my business, and I completely put myself in their capable hands. I would encourage anyone considering Dart Frog to do the same, and you'll end up with a book (or books) you're proud of. These publishing professionals are the sh*t.
Adam Alexander
Adam AlexanderThe Deep Tunnel
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For an Indie author, it is hard to do better than DartFrog. 1. They have high editorial standards, so readers (and bookstores) can be confident they're buying a well written book. 2. They genuinely care about helping their authors do well. 3. They keep their promises. 4. Enough said.
Scott T. Grusky
Scott T. GruskyZero Percenters
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DartFrog has been a trusted partner, which is a very rare find these days, especially in the wild and crazy publishing world. They have done everything they promised and more. I will certainly use them again in the future and I recommend them wholeheartedly.
Kimi Bivins
Kimi BivinsFrom Broken Pieces to Peace
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AWESOME COMPANY TO WORK WITH! Gordon is amazing! He is so patient and would not stop until every issue, kink or problem was worked out! Trust Dartfrog with your book project!
Patrick Leahy
Patrick LeahyPhotographs & Souvenirs
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Drawn by the innovative concepts on which DartFrog Books seeks to circumvent the hurdles faced by authors and independent publishers, emphasizing vetting to attract bookstores and buyers; and by offering promotion tools all rolled into one, I must commend their staff for unfailing patience, diligence and encouragement in their guidance through the process.
Lynn Roulo
Lynn RouloThe Nine Keys: A Guide Book To Unlock Your Relationships Using Kundalini Yoga and the Enneagram
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I love Dartfrog! Without a doubt, working with Dartfrog made the final version of The Nine Keys a much better book. The team is extremely easy to work with, the editors are thorough, accurate and talented, and Dartfrog introduced me to tools that have been game-changers for my visibility. By offering Book2Look as part of their package, I've been able to drive tens of thousands of people to my website to browse my book and subsequently gain sales. I'm very grateful to the team and look forward to working with them again.
Jim Rourke
Jim RourkeOut of the Basement
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I had a wonderful experience with DartFrog! I spoke with owner and founder Gordon McClellan by phone before submitting my manuscript and decided to take , what I thought at the time, was a chance. It was actually a great decision. Supported throughout the process by skilled, patient, and responsive professionals (Ali Trowbridge, Carrie Gessner, Katelynn Watkins, and Suanne Laqueur). They answered all of my questions and enabled me to feel comfortable with a completely unknown process. Thank you, DartFrog team, for a wonderful experience and bringing Out of the Basement to life.
Grant Overstake
Grant OverstakeThe Real Education of TJ Crowley
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My experience with Dartfrog Books has been amazing. It started after I sent a copy of my YA historical novel, THE REAL EDUCATION OF TJ CROWLEY, to Dartfrog to be considered for its distribution program. Weeks later, I received an email from company president Gordon McClellan saying my novel had been selected for national distribution to 70 indie bookstores nationwide, which is a feat I could not have accomplished on my own. A second email arrived with news that my book had also been picked for a coveted spot in the Indie Author Corner section on I was thrilled but the best was yet to come. In a third email, Mr. McClellan had even bigger news — THE REAL EDUCATION OF TJ CROWLEY had been selected as the “Book of the Month” for September 2019! The novel was featured on the site’s home page and seen by tens of thousands of subscribers to the Bookclubz newsletter.
Steven Fisher
Steven FisherInto Russia's Cauldron
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I achieved great results working with DartFrog and its Canoe Tree Press program. DartFrog helped me produce and publish my historical non-fiction book, Into Russia’s Cauldron, in approximately four months’ time which met my ambitious goals. The book’s formatting, cover design, associated book trailer and author website, among other publishing and marketing tasks, all met my (often exacting) expectations and I have continuously received uniformly positive feedback on all of DartFrog’s work. Canoe Tree’s team coordinator Suanne Laqueur knows her stuff. She is very disciplined, was always immediately responsive, helpful and honest. I give Gordon McClellan the same high marks. It is very important and assuring to have these highly professional and knowledgeable people on your team. This was my first book and first time using a self-publishing firm and I can recommend the DartFrog team without reservations.
Kelsy April
Kelsy AprilBank Square Books
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DartFrog is a wonderful resource for authors looking to publish their books independently. As an independent bookstore, we get a lot of authors coming in and asking for advice on how to get their book published. Until Gordon introduced us to his company, DartFrog, we didn't have anyone to refer them to, and now we do. DartFrog provides us with bookmarks with a link to the website to hand out to aspiring authors, and also gives bonuses to participating bookstores for referring authors to DartFrog! It's a great reciprocal relationship, and I feel good about sending potential authors to DartFrog knowing that the book will be vetted by the company and the author will receive the service they deserve.
Rob Armstrong
Rob ArmstrongDaddy 3.0
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DartFrog is a friendly and professional company dedicated to making the most of your book. It carefully selects titles to include in their catalog, and then develops relationships with bookstores nationwide to have your book displayed in dedicated selling kiosks. I heartily endorse it as way to expand an author’s reach into bookstores. Authors should definitely consider trying to partner with DartFrog for distribution of their books.
Jeff Heller
Jeff HellerA False Dawn
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I found DartFrog's evaluation process to be extremely straightforward and helpful. My evaluator gave me a better, closer read than other professional editors have done for me. His comments were very specific. Even if DartFrog had not finally accepted my book, I knew that following these suggestions would help me create a better book than the one I originally submitted to DartFrog.
Georgia James
Georgia JamesHome Sweet Sonoma
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I can't tell you how impressed I am with DartFrogBooks. Within a week of submitting our novel for consideration, a professional author-liaison reached out to us with solid feedback on our manuscript but also provided acceptance into their DartFrog approved program. They share in our dream but also believe in the hard work involved to see independent authors have a physical presence in bookstores, along with traditionally published authors. Their strict standards and high quality approval criteria gives them and us credibility in the market.
Michelle Travis
Michelle TravisMy Mom Has Two Jobs
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As a debut children’s book author, I could not have had a better partner than Gordon McClellan and his team at DartFrog Books. My book would never have seen bookstore shelves without DartFrog and its ingenious distribution platform. As a novice writer, I received all of the professional support and advice that I needed to achieve my goals as an author, and I am delighted to support independent bookstores in the process.
Candice Huber
Candice HuberTubby & Coo's Mid-City Bookshop
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DartFrog is a wonderful partner for bookstores. Their customer service is excellent, and every author I've sent their way has come back with positive feedback on DartFrog's process. The referral process is painless, and I can honestly tell authors that it's worth it. I truly enjoy working with them!
Jim Westcott
Jim WestcottJack's Tales
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Dartfrog Books has made it possible for my children's chapter book, Jack's Tales, to have space on bookstore shelves when it would not have been possible without their unique assistance. I'm grateful to be working with them.
Lisa Roberts
Lisa RobertsMr Waffles Loves Design
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I had published two books prior to this one with traditional publishers. I wanted to self publish my third book because it was a quirky book that didn't fit with traditional publishers. I selected Dart Frog Books after an extensive internet search for a trustworthy company. There were many options with flashy websites, but there was an authenticity to Dart Frog Books. My subsequent experience was terrific. Gordon McClellan, the founder, was professional, experienced and honest. He took time to explain the process, outline my options and connect me to resources. His pricing was more than fair. I can't recommend them highly enough.
Muriel Stockdale
Muriel StockdaleGabriel Born
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I am so grateful for DartFrog, you have upgraded my book cover, placed the book in stores, recommended marketing plans, and a terrific audio book producer. You have given me the opportunity to get the book into many hands that would not have seen it otherwise. As a brand new author it is very difficult to navigate the business part of authoring a book, your assistance has been invaluable and inspiring.
Shane Gottwals
Shane GottwalsCEO, Gottwals Books
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DartFrog's Direct to Shelf program truly makes trying out independently published books effortless and risk-free. The process is quick and uncomplicated and DartFrog's customer service is always prompt and friendly.
Roger Canaff
Roger CanaffCopperhead Road & Among the Dead
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Dartfrog is the best idea and opportunity going for quality, independent authors. A simple but ingenious idea, Dartfrog gets your books into independent book stores and helps to get a buzz going across the street and across the country.
MaryLee MacDonald
MaryLee MacDonaldBonds of Love & Blood
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Doesn't every author dream of seeing their book on a bookstore's table? DartFrog made that happen. The company's professionalism, responsiveness, and attention to detail opened the door to a whole new way for indie authors to find readers.
Larry & Katelynn Haynes
Larry & Katelynn HaynesGoogling God
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We have been extremely pleased with DartFrog's professionalism, dependability, and attention to detail! We highly recommend DartFrog!
Michelle Haring
Michelle HaringCupboard Maker Books
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Dartfrog’s Direct to Shelf program is a fantastic way to get indie author’s books into our store. We can be sure we are getting quality material, and working with them is a breeze. Their team members respond to questions courteously and promptly, and they are always upfront about all aspects of the program – from shipping delays to changes in promotional aspects. We have even made several connections with fabulous authors for book signings thanks to Dartfrog.
Jennifer Ridge
Jennifer RidgeBetween Worlds
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I've had so many wonderful compliments on my new covers! I had commissioned art for each cover, but the fonts, backgrounds, spine and back of book were all kind of boring and plain. DartFrog managed to incorporate the original artwork into vibrant new covers! They also helped me re-write the synopsis for the back of the book so that it was more intriguing, and even went the extra mile by including snippets from my Kirkus Reviews. They did excellent work with a quick turnaround time.
Jo Ann Dawson
Jo Ann DawsonBed, Breakfast & Beyond
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I met with Gordon McClellan from DartFrog at a book conference. He patiently and thoroughly answered all of my questions and encouraged me to submit my book to DartFrog. The submission process was easy and I received word of my acceptance in a timely manner. Additional questions were answered in a lengthy phone conversation with Gordon. Through e-mail I received a list of all independent bookstores which now carry my books. DartFrog also informed me of the many programs they offer for book marketing, audiobooks and more. It would not have been possible to place my books in thirty bookstores without the aid of DartFrog. I am thrilled to have the opportunity!
McKay BB Watson
McKay BB WatsonTangled Shakespeare
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This was the right company to turn to for my publishing needs. My book required special formatting, to accommodate over 70 illustrations. They chose a font that completely complimented the spirit of the story. The size of the book, paper, cover, all of it was chosen to suit the look I wanted for my book. I did not have to send away my original artwork, which was very important to me. I easily uploaded all my art and text using a file sharing matrix that they provided. I can’t say enough good things about the communications. Whether it was by phone or email, any request or question was dealt with, within minutes. I knew nothing about the publishing process when I started. Everything was explained in detail to me so that I felt like my satisfaction was the most important thing and my book would meet my expectations.
Elana Mugdan
Elana MugdanThe Dragon Speaker
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DartFrog was an instrumental part of launching my book in America. Working with them enabled me not only to have my book placed in 50 stores nationwide, but to make connections with booksellers and organize in-store reading events. I've made so many amazing connections because of DartFrog, and I'm so grateful to have had my debut novel selected for their program!
Thomas Esson Ewing
Thomas Esson EwingJerusalem Falls!
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For those of you new to publishing as I was, in a fog, I just cannot recommend Dartfrog enough. For those of you experienced in the business, you can do no better than this company.
Tony Whieldon
Tony WhieldonLove & Deadly Nightshade
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I cannot speak too highly of the Canoe Tree team if you are self-publishing. I knew nothing about the process, so needed a great deal of help and advice which their team always gave quickly, with expertise and endless patience. I talked with six publishers before choosing them and have never for a moment regretted my choice. Thank you Gordon, Suanne, Mark and Simona.
Dan Grant
Dan GrantThe Singularity Witness
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DartFrog provides a unique value proposition for authors, bookstores, book clubs, and readers. Its bookstore teaming & placement service helps put great books where readers can find them, and helps those bookstores offer new works for their readers and customers. Its relationships with book clubs provides another forum for great stories to be found by readers. And DartFrog is looking at more creative ways to connect authors and readers. Its publishing, marketing, editing, and design services offer authors professional resources that can help bring their works alive.
Donald J Fraser
Donald J FraserThe Emergence of One American Nation
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It is often difficult for an indie author to get their books into stores. Dartfrog made it easy. As an ancillary benefit, my book has been included in May for the Bookclubz on-line book club. I especially enjoyed working with Gordon McClellan.
Antionette Melendez
Antionette MelendezToo Much MacTiggle
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I've had the pleasure of working with DartFrog for a few years now. They give exceptional customer service. They are prompt and courteous when it comes to returning phone calls or answering emails. Their Direct to Shelf program has truly been amazing.
Anne Wheaton
Anne WheatonPiggy and Pug
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I cannot thank Gordon McClellan and the whole DartFrog team enough for all of their help in getting my book out to independent bookstores. It's so nice having a company like this available to those of us who chose to self-publish. Piggy and Pug is the first book I've ever written and it makes me happy to know my story is getting out there to little ones this way. Thanks, DartFrog!
Anthony Puzzilla
Anthony PuzzillaHospital Trains and Vessels during the Civil War
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I worked with (Canoe Tree Press) coordinator Suanne Laqueur on this book. I found her to be highly professional, efficient, knowledgeable, timely, and kept me informed throughout the entire course of my publishing journey. This was the very first time I used a self-publishing firm and found it to be totally worthwhile either for a novice or established author. I plan to use them once again soon.
Kelly Oliver
Kelly OliverThe Jessica James Mysteries
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DartFrog has excellent customer service, well beyond the call of duty. They work with authors to make everything perfect. They helped me rebrand my mysteries, and now all of them are bestsellers on Amazon. I highly recommend DartFrog to any author who wants "one-stop shopping" for everything you need to get your books off the ground.
Ross Bachelder
Ross BachelderRevenge: Tales Best Read in the Twilight Hours
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Teaming up with DartFrog was one of the smartest moves I’ve ever made as a writer. Gordon was a delight to work with, and so, I assure you, were Suanne, Carrie, Katelynn, and the rest of the DartFrog team. They’re a friendly, hard-working, patient group, and they’re filled to overflowing with the kind of editing and marketing expertise authors yearn for and deserve.