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DartFrog offers several book marketing options, all designed to help independent authors gain an edge in the highly competitive and rapidly changing marketplace. Click any image below to learn more about our marketing services.

A book trailer dramatically increases social sharing

A professionally produced book trailer is an important piece of an author’s marketing strategy. Studies show that having a professional video trailer increases social sharing of a book by 12x. The process begins with an edit of your script to optimize it for video format (writing for video consumption is different than writing for reading consumption). Once the script is set and approved by the author, we design & produce a trailer that is meant to immediately capture and maintain a viewer’s attention. This is done not through a telling of the entire plot in 60 seconds, but through an expression of the emotion that underlines the plot.  The videos below show a sampling of the trailers we’ve produced across a wide range of themes & genres

A River of Lies by John Crossan

Supplant by Shane M Toman

A Restaurant in Jaffa by Mark E. Sorenson

Into Russia's Cauldron by Steven Fisher

Queen of Pohjola, Book 3 of the Far Northern Saga by David Allen Schlaefer

Darkness Rising by Tracy Earle

Official Trailer for Glencoe Echoes in Time by M MacKinnon

Project Azalea by J.E. Conery

Supplant by Shane M Toman

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